Waxing Kegworth

So you are looking to get waxed? Well you have come to the right place!

With 20 years beauty experience and training by the best in the industry Kim Lawless (aka the wax queen) you can see why we specialise in waxing, with ladies intimate waxing being the most carried out treatment in the salon.

Your local Kegworth Waxing therapist Hayley

My name is Hayley and I will be your waxing therapist whether you are in for the full works or a quick lip wax you will receive the highest level of treatment. Our beauty room is done out for high hygiene standards but decorated to still give you that relaxed and luxury feel during your visit.

Hayley has carefully chosen the brand of wax used at HM Beauty, this particular wax is by the London Spa Company - a luxury wax containing the highest quality of ingredients that capture the shortest of hairs and leaves the skin velvety smooth. HM Beauty offers both Hot Wax and Strip Wax treatments to meet your preferred choice, and if it is your first time waxing, Hayley will offer both so that you can decide on what's most comfortable for you. After your wax session, vitamin A and tea tree will be applied to cool and sooth the skin providing an instant calming effect to reduce any inflammation. What does Hayley especially like about the London Spa Company brand? The products are not tested on Animals, all products are produced in-house utilising their professional laboratories.

Female Intimate Waxing Derby

Professional female intimate waxing is available at HM Beauty, Hayley offers Bikini Line, Brazilian or Hollywood waxing using either strip or hot wax which is down to personal preference.

Benefits of waxing

  • Long lasting hair removal for 4-6 weeks unlike 1-2 days with shaving
  • No more razor cuts!
  • Waxing exfoliates the skin leaving it silky smooth
  • No last minute panicking to shave before you go out
  • When the hair grows back it will be soft and fine
  • Regular waxing will diminish hair growth making it sparse
  • Rosin and paraffin free
  • Not tested on animals

Hot Wax or Strip Wax

Good news is, Hayley offers both types of waxing, for those who prefer hot wax over strip wax the option is yours. Hot wax is sometimes preferred for the more delicate areas. We use a luxury London Spa English berries wax to give superb comfort and high class results this wax will remove hairs from the most sensitive areas with minimal discomfort.

  • Half Leg
    ( Upper ) £ 25
  • Half Leg
    ( Lower ) £ 22
  • Full Leg £ 32
  • Standard Bikini Line £ 17
  • Extended Bikini Line £ 25
  • Hollywood / Brazilian £ 35
  • Half Leg and Hollywood / Brazilian £ 52
  • Full Leg and Bikini Line £ 42
  • Full Leg and Extended Bikini Line £ 50
  • Full Leg and Hollywood / Brazilian £ 55
  • Underarm £ 12
  • Forearm
    ( To Elbow ) £ 20
  • Full Arm
    ( To Shoulder ) £ 28
  • Lip or Chin £ 9
  • Lip and Chin £ 15

Before Your Waxing Appointment

Before your appointment make sure the hair is long enough and this is usually around 4 weeks from your last wax or 3 weeks from last shaving. Be aware that if you are a regular shaver it may take a few waxes to start noticing the hair getting finer and sparse but once you are in a routine the hair will get less over time. Please do not wear your best silky white underwear as I will be using lotions and oil that may stain. I will do a consultation with you on your first visit to ensure you have no medical problems or medications that may stop you going ahead with your wax and if you are a regular to the salon you will need to confirm this information is still upto date on each visit. If you have any skin complaints or medical issues you would like to discuss prior to booking then I am more than happy to help. Please come alone to your waxing appointment.

After Your Waxing Appointment

On average to keep on top of that smooth hair free skin you want to look at getting waxed every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows back but for the next 24 hours make to sure to avoid the following. Sun, sunbeds, hot showers or baths, swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, body lotions, tight clothing, exfoliating the area, exercise, deodorant if you had underarm waxing and make up for facial waxing. Everyone's skin is different and this means that one client may not go red after a wax yet another (like myself) will stay red for days so you will get to know your skin and what's normal for you.

Important Waxing Information

Some medical conditions can prevent you from being waxed so its important to let your therapist know of any health issues and if you are unsure if you should book your appointment check with your GP first.

If you are on any medication to treat the skin please enquire first to save disappointment on the day as some medications can thin the skin and you may need to wait before you can get waxed.

If you are using any facial products containing retinol/retinoids then stop using them for 1-2 weeks before getting any facial waxing.

If you are having micro dermabrasion or acid peels then please let us know.

If you are pregnant you are still able to get waxed but you may be more sensitive. If you have any complications or medical issues during pregnancy I would advise to check with your GP or midwife prior to your wax.

Please make your therapist aware of any allergies.

If you have any questions prior to your waxing treatment then please call me on 01509 736063 or drop me a message on Facebook and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

After Wax Guidance

On average to keep on top of that smooth hair free skin you want to be getting waxed every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows back and avoid shaving in between waxing appointments.

For the next 24 hours make sure to follow our guideance, to avoid any infections or skin sensitivity, heat and perfumed products can irritate the skin.

  • Sun
  • Sunbeds
  • Hot showers or baths
  • Swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi
  • Perfumed lotions and creams
  • Tight clothing
  • Exfoliating the area
  • Exercise
  • Deodorant (underarm waxing)
  • Make up (facial waxing)
  • Touching the waxed area

Not everyone's skin is the same and reacts in the same way to waxing so if you feel worried or concerned after a wax that your skin has reacted badly then tell your therapist or GP immediately.

If you have any problems or questions following your appointment please call us on 01509 736063 or email us at hello@hmbeautykegworth.co.uk

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