Shellac Kegworth

Shellac Gel Manicure

CND Shellac is one of the most recognised brands for high quality gel polish, Shellac will last up 2 weeks on fingers and at HM Beauty you will have a choice of top coat for your preferred finish, these include high gloss shine, matt, pearl or glitter. For the Shellac manicure your nails are shaped, cuticles are neatened and then the polish is applied and cured under LED lights. With Shellac being cured under LED lights, there is zero drying time involved. This long lasting polish does not dull and will provide your nails with an armour which will not chip like your standard nail polish. The Shellac Manicure includes a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Shellac Gel File and Paint

The Shellac file and paint is an ideal choice for anyone short of time, Shellac Gel is cured under LED lights which means they'll be cured within seconds, so you do not need to worry about smudges.

Shellac Check List

  • Shellac will need to be removed with a gel remover. This can either be performed in salon or at home prior to your visit.
  • Please be aware we will only remove shellac that has been applied by us at HM Beauty.
  • If you have gel on your nails prior to your nail appointment please let us know so we can book out the appropriate time needed.
  • Please be aware that if your nails are damaged or weak then the colour may not last the full 2 weeks.
  • If you have any nail infections or are on any medication that effects the nails, please visit your GP before making your appointment.
  • File and Paint
    ( Toes or Fingers ) £ 25
  • Mini Manicure
    ( Shape, Cuticles and Shellac ) £ 30
  • Full Manicure
    ( Soak, Shape, Cuticles, Hand and Arm Massage and Shellac ) £ 35
  • Mini Pedicure
    ( Shape, Cuticles and Shellac ) £ 35
  • Manicure No Polish
    ( Soak, Shape, Cuticles and Hand and Arm Massage ) £ 25
  • Shellac Removal
    ( With a nail treatment above ) £ 7
  • Shellac Removal
    ( On its own ) £ 14
Nail Salon Derby, with Shellac Manicure - Colour is Sage Scarf Shellac Manicure - Colour is Sage Scarf
Shellac Manicure Kegworth - Colour is Rose Bud Shellac Manicure - Colour is Rose Bud
Shellac Manicure Derby - Colour is Salmon Run Shellac Manicure - Colour is Salmon Run