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Beauty Treatments for Men Kegworth

HM Beauty are offering a range of professional treatments in a relaxed and sumptuous atmosphere. Having an extensive selection of treatments already, we have put together a treatment list being particularly suited to the male clientele.

Facials For Men

Whether you suffer from dry skin, acne, dehydration or would just like to look after your skin and take pride in your appearance, facial treatments are certainly not just for women, with an increase of men now wanting to care for their skin, a facial is the perfect solution.

Did you know the largest organ for the human body is the skin?.

There are many damaging factors that can age and irritate the skin including pollution, central heating and the suns harmful uva and uvb rays, whilst these are some of the most obvious ones, another immense impact on the skin is stress and with long hours at work, busy family schedules and the daily routine in our lives we all need a little time out to care for our skin to get our glow back!.

Waxing For Men Kegworth

Waxing is a popular choice from the range of treatments we provide men, includes waxing of the back, chest, arms or legs. Men choose to be waxed for a variety of reasons, whether it be for strictly appearance related, boost of self confidence, or purely because of participating in an environment which involves sports, body building or fashion.

Eyebrow Shape For Men - The Man Brow Tidy

A popular choice by men in the 21st century, it's becoming an increasingly popular treatment for men to have their eyebrows shaped and tidied for a neat appearance, whilst not over-groomed, we understand eyebrow shapes for men require the correct balance although every man is different and have their own individual style, we will tailor your brows to your requirements. We perform the eyebrow shaping by either using tweezers or wax, for the most natural appearance we would suggest to use tweezers for a "Man Brow Tidy!".

Nail Tidy For Men

Designed with men in mind this treatment concentrates on trimming the nails, tidying the cuticles to remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliating the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Not only will your hands look clean and tidy, you will also feel relaxed and pampered. Ideal for a confidence boost, preparing yourself for a special occasion or even a first date!.

Massage For Men Kegworth

Massage is an excellent choice for releasing the tension in the muscles, de-stressing and delivers a tremendous sense of well being. If you have a particular area that you are suffering with please let us know so we can tailor your treatment to best suit your needs, this means you will gain maximum benefits from your massage.

mens beauty treatments in Kegworth
  • Facials (please see facials page)
  • Back wax £ 20
  • Chest wax £ 20
  • Eyebrow shape £ 10
  • Nail tidy (hands or feet) £ 20
  • Back massage £ 26
  • Back treatment £ 26
  • Hopi ear candles £ 25

Back Treatment For Men

The back treatment consists of a deep cleanse followed using nourishing exfoliator by Germaine De Capuccini for a luxurious back scrub, removed using hot towels. Your back treatment will be finished with a 15 minute massage for relaxation using an oil of choice which will leave you feeling your desired result, uplifted or relaxed depending on your choice of oil used. This back treatment is an excellent choice for your skin to feel revitalised.

Hopi Ear Candles For Men

If you suffer from one of the following, then the Hopi ear candles could be the smoothing treatment you're looking for! Hopi ear candles are used to help congested sinus, tinnitus, excess wax build up, headaches and migraines. Hopi candles in appearance are hollow tubes made up of bees wax, honey and herbs. How do they work? They act like a chimney that forms a vacuum from the bottom where warm air rises inside the candle which will stimulate the ear to start the natural process to remove the wax.