Callus Peel Treatment Kegworth

If you are one of many that suffer from callus – hardened skin which forms on certain areas of your feet normally accruing through repetitive friction, pressure or similar circumstances that irritate the skin, this can include long walks, walking barefoot, running or activities that puts repeated pressure on the foot, all these can potentially cause calluses to develop.

The most common area for callus to appear is on the ball of the foot and around the heel, these areas are most prone to callus because they take the most of your weight, the skin normally becomes yellowish in colour depending how severe the condition is.

Our Callus Treatment Process

What does the Callus peel treatment consist of?
First we'll begin with applying the peel to your feet which comes in a gel consistency, once the gel has been applied it's now time to cover your feet in a cling film wrap which will be left for 15 minutes. What's the next step? now your feet have been wrapped for 15 minutes we'll now utilise a tool designed to scrape the problem areas first, from thereon using a strong file to remove the rest.
To finish off the treatment, we'll apply a deep hydrating moisturiser to leave your feet feeling soft and pampered. The moisturiser is available to purchase separately if you would like to take home for continued use.

Will it remove 100% of Callus?

The peel removes a large amount of dead skin, more than what your standard pedicure would. Depending on how severe your callus condition is, a small amount may still remain.

It's recommended to have the callus treatment performed every 3 to 4 weeks for best result.

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  • Standalone Treatment £ 18 Treatment time: 30 minutes
  • Add-on to Pedicure £ 12